Family Services

We assist families like yours either before or after the funeral with bereavement materials & necessary information that may be needed following the death of a loved one.

At Glenn E. George, we realize that your grief does not stop at the internment service, and neither does our commitment to you. With our unique lineup of support groups and after care services we are committed to assisting you through your loss…today and tomorrow.

Two of the supports groups that we provide are the Coffee & Comfort Group, and the Survivors of Traumatic Loss Group. The group philosophy is “Grief Shared, is Grief Diminished”.
The Coffee & Comfort Group sessions are held three times a year; Spring, Fall, & winter. Each session is approximately 2 hours, in the morning, or evening. These weekly sessions continue for 8 weeks. Anyone who has experienced the death of a spouse is invited to attend.

Fun Bunch Group Many times after participating in the Coffee & Comfort Group people want to continue meeting as a group. The “Fun Bunch” consists of single men and women from the first aftercare group who want to “learn and grow” as a single person and have “fun”. Once or twice a month the group meets to socialize with a pitch in dinner, play cards, hear from a special guest or take a trip. Activities and places have included the Imax Theatre, Indianapolis Symphony performances, Shelby Co. Theatre, touring a pencil factory, riding a canal boat, an old fashioned wiener roast, and an evening pontoon cruise.

Survivors of Traumatic Loss Group was started in 1997 after a series of traumatic deaths’ occurred which involved many Shelby County residents. the group no longer meets regularly however Vickie, will connect anyone who has has experienced a traumatic loss with someone who has survived a similar loss. Former group participants with their courage and kindness are willing to assist others. Knowing “one” is not alone in “grief” seems to be the greatest relief, so don’t hesitate to call if you want to talk with someone

Group Presentations:
Vickie is available to speak with groups on “How to Be A Friend When Someone Dies” and “Making It Easier For Those You Love”. Call the funeral home at 398-4599 to schedule a group presentation.